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Fire Extinguisher Installation

At the heart of our fire safety strategy is our comprehensive fire protection services, ensuring your business is well-prepared to handle any fire emergencies. We specialize in an array of fire safety solutions, and one of our core priorities is fire extinguisher installation.

Understanding the vital role of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers, often overlooked, serve as the front line defence mechanism during a fire emergency. Having the right fire extinguishers at your fingertips can make a world of difference when a fire is still in its nascent stage. Their effectiveness lies not just in their capability to control and potentially extinguish fires but also in buying precious time until professional help arrives.

Why Opt for our Fire Protection Services?

When you choose our fire protection services, we ensure your business is equipped with the appropriate fire extinguishers, perfectly situated for maximum coverage and ease of access. But it's not just about having fire extinguishers in place; it's about ensuring they are the right type for your specific business needs.

Tailored Fire Protection Solutions

Different environments and materials present varying fire risks, requiring specific types of fire extinguishers. For instance, an electrical fire will need a different extinguisher than a wood-based fire. At Futura Fire, our team of experts meticulously assesses your business' fire risks, choosing the ideal fire extinguishers for your unique situation.

Our Comprehensive Fire Protection Services

Our fire protection services go beyond just fire extinguisher installation. We provide a thorough evaluation of your business environment, taking into consideration all potential fire hazards. With this information, we design a custom fire safety plan, mapping out the best locations for your fire extinguishers for optimum safety coverage.

Long-Term Fire Safety Commitment

Our commitment doesn't end with installation. We understand that fire safety is an ongoing effort, which is why we offer comprehensive maintenance and training services as part of our fire protection package. We ensure your equipment is always in top working condition, and your staff are well-versed in fire safety protocols.

With Futura Fire's fire protection services, you're not just investing in fire extinguishers; you're investing in the safety and continuity of your business. Protect your assets, protect your team, and foster a culture of safety with our dedicated fire protection solutions.

To discuss specifics or arrange a quote contact our Sales Manager Kiel McGovern on 0477 388 873 or email kiel@futurafire.com.au

Why good installation matters

Incorrect installation of essential fire safety measures is one of the leading causes of delays in submitting an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS), and delays in submission of an AFSS for your facility can be more than just a headache, they can incur real financial costs in the form of fines. If you need assistance in submitting a Stay of Infringement (SOI) contact Futura Fire to discuss options that suit your business requirements.

Fire extinguisher placement and installation

AS2444 governs the installation of portable fire extinguishers, here is a brief overview of some of the things that entails.


Fire extinguishers have certain requirements for their installation to ensure that they will be usable by occupants in the event of a fire. The requirements for the installation of a fire extinguisher are:

  • The top of the handle shall be no more than 1200mm from the ground

  • The bottom of the cylinder shall be no less than 100mm from the ground

  • Not in a location where access poses a hazard to a user


All fire extinguishers must have their location identified by a sign, the size depending on the distance it needs to be legible to and where it will be installed. You don’t need a sign for every extinguisher however, a single sign may be used to indicate multiple extinguishers at the one location. According to AS2444, signs must:

  • Be mounted at least 2m above the floor level

  • Be clearly visible from at least 20m in all directions of approach


There are a number of factors that go into where your fire extinguishers should be placed, many will be specific to your site. As such you should engage a competent contractor to ensure your extinguishers are located correctly. Nonetheless, there are some general rules and guidelines set out in AS2444 that you can use to quickly assess the overall suitability of your extinguisher locations:

  • For Class A risks the travel distance from any point to the nearest fire extinguisher is not over 15m

  • If the Class A risk involves electrical equipment the extinguisher requires an E classification


Aggressive or harsh environments can affect an extinguishers longevity or functionality, if your extinguishers are mounted in an aggressive environment they will require protection, often in the form of a protective bag or cabinet. Some examples of aggressive environments are:

  • Locations that are exposed to sun, wind, rain or salt spray

  • Corrosive atmospheres

  • Dusty or moist environments

  • Locations that expose the extinguisher to intense or continuous vibration

  • Locations with extremes of temperature.

The Futura Fire advantage

We work hard to ensure we can distinguish ourselves from our competition

  • Industry wide connections

    Futura Fire sources products from a wide variety of suppliers to ensure that we can always provide the best solution for your specific requirements.

  • Cost effective solutions

    Our deep relationships with suppliers allows us to provide the service and quality you expect with a lower overhead. Additionally, Futura Fire employees are not paid commission, so you can have confidence you aren't being oversold.

  • 24/7 Support

    We have technicians available 24/7 to ensure you get all the post-installation support you need