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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

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Why good maintenance matters

Poor maintenance of essential fire safety measures is one of the leading causes of delays in submitting an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS), and delays in submission of an AFSS for your facility can be more than just a headache, they can incur real financial costs in the form of fines. If you need assistance in submitting a Stay of Infringement (SOI) contact Futura Fire to discuss options that suit your business requirements.

Are my fire extinguishers being maintained correctly?

Maintenance of portable fire extinguishers is governed by AS1851, but what does that mean? How can you tell if you are currently getting the service you are paying for? Here is a non-exhaustive look at some of the things your service contractor should be doing as part of their routine servicing.


Every six months your service provider should:

  • Check the extinguisher is visible, easy to access and in the location it was assigned

  • Check the anti-tamper device

  • Check that the fire extinguisher is clean and that the instructions are readable

  • Check that the service tag is attached to the cylinder appropriately

  • Check the fire extinguisher is not damaged

  • Check the outside of the fire extinguisher for pitting or corrosion

  • Check the hose and nozzle are attached properly, not damaged, cracked or blocked.

  • Check the pressure gauge (Note: Some types of fire extinguisher are not fitted with a gauge)

  • Check the weight of the extinguisher to ensure it is fully charged

  • Check the extinguishers signage

  • Check the extinguishers mounting bracket is suitable and firm

  • If the extinguisher is a powder type, invert the cylinder and check the powder flows freely


Annually your service provider should:

  • Carry out all items on the six-monthly service

  • Check the hazard the fire extinguisher protects has not changed

  • Check the fire extinguisher is correct for the hazards it is protecting

  • Check for alterations to the building that may affect access or use of the fire extinguisher

  • Test the function of water and foam fire extinguishers

  • Inspect the components of water and foam fire extinguishers

  • Recharge water and foam fire extinguishers


Every five years your service provider should:

  • Complete all six-monthly and yearly service items

  • Check the free movement of the actuating device

  • Check the internal discharge tube

  • Check the interior of the cylinder for pitting or corrosion

  • Test the function of all fire extinguishers

  • Pressure test the cylinder

  • Replace all seals and gaskets

  • Recharge the fire extinguisher

  • Conduct leak testing on the fire extinguisher

The Futura Fire advantage

We work hard to ensure we can distinguish ourselves from our competition

  • Industry wide connections

    Futura Fire sources products from a wide variety of suppliers to ensure that we can always provide the best solution for your specific requirements.

  • Cost effective solutions

    Our deep relationships with suppliers allows us to provide the service and quality you expect with a lower overhead. Additionally, Futura Fire employees are not paid commission, so you can have confidence you aren't being oversold.

  • 24/7 Support

    We have technicians available 24/7 to ensure you get all the post-service support you need