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Fire Hose Reel Systems

Fire hose reels are located strategically throughout buildings, particularly in commercial and industrial premises, to provide a readily accessible and controlled supply of water for fire extinguishing. They are designed to deliver a minimum of 0.33 litres of water per second and are often connected to the main water supply.

The regulations concerning fire hose reel systems in Australia are set out by the Australian Standard AS 2441. This standard outlines the design and installation requirements for hose reels, including locations, signage, and performance criteria. To comply with this standard, fire hose reels must be installed in accessible locations, ideally along paths of travel to exits or where they can be reached quickly in the event of a fire. Furthermore, clear signage indicating the location and instructions for use is also mandatory.

Each fire hose reel should be serviced at least annually or more frequently if recommended by the manufacturer. Maintenance and servicing should comply with Australian Standard AS 1851. This includes tasks like checking the condition of the reel, hose, and nozzle, ensuring the stop valve turns freely, and testing the flow rate and pressure. It also involves the inspection of the system for any damages and ensuring that the fire hose reel system remains unobstructed and easily accessible.

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, building owners in New South Wales, for example, are required to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement to their local council and Fire and Rescue NSW. The AFSS confirms that all the building's essential fire safety measures, including the fire hose reel systems, meet the performance standards listed in the Fire Safety Schedule.