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Fire Shutters

Fire shutters, also known as fire-resistant roller shutters, are a crucial part of fire safety management in many buildings across Australia. They are particularly prevalent in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings where they are used to compartmentalise a building and prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

In the context of Australian building regulations and fire safety measures, fire shutters play a substantial role. They are listed as an essential fire safety measure on some Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS), which are compulsory for many buildings in NSW under local government regulations.

Fire shutters are designed to close automatically upon detection of a certain temperature, typically over 68°C, or when triggered by the building's fire alarm system. They act as a barrier to confine the fire and smoke within a certain area, giving people more time to evacuate and reducing the overall damage.

In Australia, fire shutters are subject to stringent standards to ensure their efficacy during a fire emergency. Australian Standard AS1905.2, for example, outlines the specifications for fire-resistant doorsets, which includes requirements for fire shutters. These standards are updated regularly to incorporate new technologies and findings to further enhance fire safety.

Installation, maintenance, and regular assessment of fire shutters are carried out by competent fire safety practitioners. These practitioners are trained and certified to ensure the shutters are fully operational and meet the specified standards.

In summary, fire shutters are a vital fire safety measure. They provide a crucial defence against the spread of fire and smoke in buildings, helping to save lives and reduce property damage. As such, they often form an important part of the AFSS, reinforcing their importance in fire safety regulations.