Why Futura Fire?

With headquarters in Newcastle and technicians across New South Wales, Futura Fire offers a full suite of quality services and products to ensure that your needs will be met regardless of the unique challenges, time pressures or complexity involved.

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Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)

Its that time of the year and your AFSS is due. Futura Fire can provide complete assessment and certification services to ensure you are complying with your local councils requirements.

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Insurance Compliance

Has your insurer placed unusual or specific requirements on your business? Find out how we can assist in navigating insurer requirements to ensure that in the event of the worst, you are still covered.

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Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance of fire equipment is vital to ensure it continues to work as it was designed to, find out how Futura Fire can assist you in ensuring your premises stays up to date and protected.

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When its time to upgrade, replace or install new fire protection equipment it can be hard to know if you are getting the best solution and the best price possible.

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Training and Emergency Planning

Futura Fire offers complete training packages to ensure that your staff are fully prepared to deal with any unfolding emergency, and can help write or audit your company policies.

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Futura Fire offers flexible payment options and a range of service types to ensure that you can strike the right balance between convenience and cost.

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Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions, if you don't see your question here feel free to check out our informative guides to see if it has been covered there.

Do I need to engage a contractor to sign my AFSS?

While no legislation requires you to hire a contractor to sign your AFSS, you are required to have a competent fire safety practitioner (CFSP) sign to state that the measures on the AFSS are meeting their standard of performance.

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Does hiring a contractor to sign the AFSS absolve me of responsibility?

Just because a contractor has signed off on a given measure does not absolve the building owner of responsibility. It is your job as a building owner to ensure that the person you have contracted is qualified to certify those measures.

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How much does it cost to have my AFSS signed by a CFSP?

The cost of maintaining and certifying a buildings fire safety measures depends on what measures are involved and how large the building or site itself is. You can lower the cost of an AFSS by ensuring regular maintenance by a competent provider.

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