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Why Futura Fire?

With headquarters in Newcastle and technicians across New South Wales, Futura Fire offers a full suite of quality services and products to ensure that your needs will be met regardless of the unique challenges, time pressures or complexity involved.

Welcome to Futura Fire, your partner in comprehensive fire protection solutions. We're not just any fire service provider; we're an industry-leading authority when it comes to safeguarding businesses and communities.

Specializing in Fire Protection: We understand the vital importance of keeping spaces secure from potential fire hazards. Our range of fire protection services encompasses everything you need to maintain a safe environment. From the latest fire suppression systems to robust fire-resistant materials, Futura Fire ensures that you're always a step ahead in fire safety.

Complete Fire Services: In the fire protection industry Futura Fire stands out as a provider of all fire-related services. We take pride in:

  • Training: Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to respond to fire emergencies effectively.

  • Evacuation Diagrams: Ensure that all occupants can find their way to safety swiftly with clear, intuitive diagrams.

  • Servicing & Maintenance: Our team excels in maintaining and servicing all essential fire safety measures, ensuring they operate at peak performance.

  • Annual Fire Safety Statements: With Futura Fire, you'll always be in compliance. We certify and provide annual fire safety statements, assuring that your premises meet regulatory standards.

  • Equipment Installation: Discover cutting-edge fire safety technology. We install the most advanced equipment, ensuring you benefit from the latest in fire safety innovation.

Choose Futura Fire. Whether it's fire protection audits or a comprehensive array of fire services, we've got you covered. Because with us, safety isn't just a service – it's a promise.

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To arrange a quote or inquire about our services, please contact our sales manager Kiel McGovern

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Fire protection services for any need

Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)

Its that time of the year and your AFSS is due. Futura Fire can provide complete assessment and certification services to ensure you are complying with your local councils requirements.

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Insurance Compliance

Has your insurer placed unusual or specific requirements on your business? Find out how we can assist in navigating insurer requirements to ensure that in the event of the worst, you are still covered.

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Installation and Routine Maintenance

Correct Installation and Routine maintenance of fire equipment is vital to ensure it continues to work as it was designed to, find out how Futura Fire can assist you in ensuring your premises stays up to date and protected

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